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Palmagua policies and restrictions


  1. CHECK IN / CHECK OUT: Check in at 2:00 p.m. Check out before 11:30 a.m.
  2. Arrivals at night after 9:00 p.m. Inform them beforehand, before 8:00 a.m. confirm!!
  3. LONG STAYS: Discount from 15 days.
  4. SECURITY DEPOSIT: $ 100,000. It is requested for security and reimbursed after the apt review. (at the time of departure). If there is no lack or damage to the apartment or building.
  5. APARTAHOTEL PALMAGUA Not responsible for money, jewelry, valuables. (There is a safety box in each apartment.)
  6. PAYMENT: It must be reserved with 25% of the total value of the reservation and the balance pending upon delivery of the keys and admission to the Palmagua Aparthotel.
  7. SMOKING POLICIES: Smoking is not allowed in the apartments, they must do so outside, in open space
  8. Activities outside the law, such as: prostitution, possession and storage of explosive materials, exploitation and sexual abuse of minors (law 679 of 2001) IMMEDIATE CANCELLATION WITHOUT REIMBURSEMENT.
  9. Prohibited the entry of pets.
  10. The damages caused must be informed at the time to be valued and paid before the expiration of your stay
  11. The delivery of the Apartment. under the same conditions as found, or pay the $ 35,000 toilet,
  12. Apart Hotel Palmagua Obsequia cleaning 3 times a week, does not include washing utensils.
  13. Banned parties, scandals and any type of activity that threatens the tranquility of guests, under penalty of being canceled without reimbursement.
  14. The use of the pool will be exclusively for guests in Palmagua, from 9:00 a.m. until 7.00 p.m. Within the pool enclosure the following rules will be taken into account mandatory:
    a) Obligation to wear the bathing cap for anyone who has long hair.
    b) Total and absolute prohibition of holding ball games, balls and any other that entails discomfort for the rest of the users.
    c) It is forbidden to consume food and drinks inside the pool enclosure and also deposit all kinds of waste or objects in it, and must use the wastebaskets and containers intended for that purpose.
    d) The use of hammocks or sun loungers in the pool area is prohibited.
    e) Access to the bathroom area with clothes and street shoes is prohibited
    f) The introduction into the water of any object that could cause damage to users or contaminate the water (sharp, dirty objects, etc.) is prohibited. g) Access to the facilities of persons suffering from communicable or infectious disease is prohibited. contagious that can affect the rest of the users by the mechanisms and ways of contagion that can occur in them. h) Children under 13 years old are not allowed if they are not accompanied by persons of legal age who assume their responsibility.                       
  15. It is absolutely mandatory to shower before entering the pool, with the utmost care to clean yourself completely, so as not to leave suntan lotions and other creams in the pool water. The use of blockers is recommended, NOT that of bronzers, since most of them dirty and damage the water, contributing to the degradation of the service.
  16. It is forbidden to sit on the wall above the gas meters, as this is NOT designed to support weight. Additional chairs can be placed if required.

Calle 110 No. 49 E 104 Villa Santos Celular 300-8140657 300-8140671 313-5615158 www.palmagua.com [email protected]